Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ok so the Crafty bus blog was indeed a massive failure on my part and i apologize. The problem was that i did not ever find time to talk about stuff that happened over the summer, nor did i ever feel like i had something to talk about. The crafty bus has its place in this world and i will continue to search for that purpose.
Over all i think the summer was good! It was a good experience and a good first job. The staff was great and the kids were amazing. I will post some photos soon!


  1. Some of us were checking every day for inspiration!

  2. My blog was mostly a failure as well - I was lucky if I undated it biweekly! haha. Anyways I hope all is well back in ABQ and I wish you the best of luck as life's new chapter awaits you! Good luck coming up with a movie! (but seriously - adventures of heather quandt. its worth a shot). haha jk, ;)